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Vision, mission and values

In our fractured world, growing and arranging flowers, making medicine, feeding the pollinators, and creating flower inspired art are the ways we put the pieces back together.

Our mission is to connect people with a source for beauty, inspiration and community. Our garden is a healing retreat and an educational laboratory to foster self-reliance, wellness, creativity, ecological study, and community involvement.

We are committed to small-scale, human powered, sustainable farming and building community through slow food and flowers.

Meet the farmer

Kate the farmer and owner of Agave Maria Botanicals

Kate the farmer and owner of Agave Maria Botanicals

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Kate Watters
Agave Maria Botanicals
P.O. Box 1184
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Tel. 928.221.0045
E. agavemariadesign@gmail.com

Kate Watters is the heart and soul behind Agave Maria Botanicals. Kate is a botanist and artist with a deep connection and enthusiasm (aka nerdy obsession) for the plant world. As a child she explored the meadows and woods in her Vermont backyard opening up milkweed pods and collecting rose hips. When Kate “grew up” she became a biologist because the job description involved crawling on hands and knees to identify plants. She worked for 20 years on public lands in the southwest as a restoration practitioner training volunteer armies in an effort to save the good plants and eradicate the bad ones. She gardened and wrote stories everywhere she went. Three years ago she quit her non-profit conservation job to follow her heart’s calling to become an organic farmer and entrepreneur. Kate is passionate about all aspects of flowers—their innate artistic beauty, pollination ecology, physiology, and especially their medicinal, magical and mystical properties. She loves bringing people together around flowers and food and creativity in the form of workshops and volunteer events.

Juju, the cattle dog turned farm comrade is the main assistant

Juju, the cattle dog turned farm comrade is the main assistant