Flowers to heal our bodies, souls, AND THE EARTH

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Agave Maria Botanicals grows everything with love—love for plants, soil, people, and pollinators. Our company grew from the desire to integrate the realms of farming, healing, and art. We grow high-quality, medicinal, and culinary herbs, cut flowers, and create pollinator habitat in the high desert of Northern Arizona.

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Flowers for every occasion

The world is at turns both heartbreaking and undeniably beautiful. Flowers ground us in the present moment and offer joy in their beauty and complexity. The colors, textures and aromas of fresh, locally grown flowers are poetry for our souls. We create lush, beautiful, seasonal floral designs inspired by our gardens. We are excited to help you celebrate your big and small moments in life with vibrant colors and textures.


Medicinal herbs

Flowers offer powerful medicine to heal the body and soul. We grow high quality medicinal herbs and process them into tinctures and teas. These products can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. We make flower essences from our garden by infusing the blossoms in spring water, and adding brandy as a preservative. These essences work on a vibrational level and can be used topically or internally to balance emotional states and stimulate internal healing processes.

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Creating pollinator habitat

Without pollinators we don’t eat, and we stand to lose plant diversity. One third of our food and the reproduction of 88% of flowering plants world-wide is the handiwork of pollinators. Yet pollinators are in decline due to a myriad of factors. Because Agave Maria Botanicals loves diverse flowers, we are passionate about creating pollinator habitat islands.